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Customer Service Manager

Customer Service and our Core Values

Blue Mountain’s Customer Service Department works with home builders and home owners daily. Sometimes they are excited to talk with us and some times they are not. But every interaction we have is guided by our company’s core values. Let me tell you how.

Transparency – I always instill in both my office and field teams: Always do the right thing by our homeowners and trade partners. For us, that means efficient and effective repairs for homeowners and efficient and effective performance on new construction start-ups.

Profitability – Efficiency leads to profitability. Maintaining training on new products, revised construction codes, and updated standards is essential to ensuring our profitability.

Leadership – It’s the critical component that needs to be firing on all cylinders to have the best results. Effective leaders have passion for a common cause that is larger than they are, and my team embodies this.

Focus and Conserve Resources – Last year, the service team went paperless, with all work orders, timecards, and all job related data being presented and stored digitally. I am proud of this function within my department. The time involved on the front end for set up and training is proving well worth the concerted efforts put forth by everyone involved.

Strive for Amazing Quality — At the end of the day, our team goal is the same as our company’s goal. We want our builders and every homeowner confident and happy with our product and our work. Amazing quality lends itself to continual work.

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