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Director of Warehouse Operations

Serving Customers, It’s What We Do

Effectively serving our customers, whoever they may be, can bring its fair share of challenges. With care, attention to detail, and following through, anything can be overcome.

I’m often asked, ‘how do you handle dealing with (sometimes) frustrated folks day in and day out?’ The short answer is, whatever the situation, it doesn’t have to be or end in a negative way. Our approach, is what allows us to resolve what is being reported as positively and effectively as possible.

Don’t wait! Address all concerns as soon as you can get to them. Even if you can’t have resolution right away, often times just providing a timely response will help to keep things calm. People need to know that what they are reporting is (just as) important to you, and that they are not being ignored.

Listening is everything! (And don’t pass judgement before you have all the facts). In most cases, there is something else that is contributing to any heightened frustrations that aren’t even related to you. Stay cool and don’t take it personally is one my greatest pieces of advice.

The devil is in the details! Being clear, taking detailed notes, and setting realistic expectations help to keep everyone on the same page through completion. Be sure to ask yourself, how can I best help in resolving what is being reported to me?

Follow up! Don’t ever assume that just because you’ve handed off the baton that a situation will end well. It never hurts to circle back around to ensure there are no loose ends (and people appreciate this). There is nothing worse than tripping over your laces right at the finish line. Above all, treat others how you would want to be treated. Stuff happens and we get that. Its how we approach each situation and the care we give it that will set us apart from others.

See, it’s not so hard after all!

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