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Transportation & Logistics Manager

Marylou Estolero

Growth and Modernization Lead Blue Mountain into 2024

For 2024, one of my goals is to identify which preexisting processes can be integrated into new systems to modernize Blue Mountain. This will, in turn, generate profitability through new ideas and technologies in the diverse field of construction and help create more opportunities and growth. Blue Mountain Construction Services is driven by a wonderful team with a variety of talents. Some of the areas I hope to improve the most are within our warehouse and fleet.

Projects that I am currently working on include optimizing our routing for delivery teams as well as analyzing logistics processes that are being filtered from the field to manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. The goal is to find ways of creating best practices in working collectively within and between each team and providing efficiency, productivity, and quality. Shout out to John Tervol and his team who will be some of the first to experience this with the launch of our Sacramento satellite office and retro division – Three Rivers Heating and Air.

As my career of choice, I have worked in the supply chain and logistics and transportation industries and am excited to now be part of the construction field, as this was on my bucket list. I have been fortunate enough to help out companies like Tesla, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Berkeley Lab, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Costco, and Air Freight to achieve certain parts of their growth and want to do the same for Blue Mountain. I look forward to helping the communities we serve and build by understanding the needs of our staff, builders, and customers as it involves the logistics of our supply chain.

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